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Ashleigh Hardcastle

Real world. Real issues. Voices that matter.


Ashleigh Hardcastle is a Perth-based writer, though she grew up in the WA Wheatbelt and likes to set her stories in a thinly-disguised version of her hometown. She was MIA in the world of creative writing for a while there, as she was busy pursuing a (possibly misguided) career in psychology. However, she has come to her senses and is back at the keyboard, working on her first novel for young adults. 


Ashleigh's writing has appeared in The Big Issue, OUTinPerth, and Tenderfoot. In 2018, she was awarded a Fellowship at the KSP Writers’ Centre, selected to participate in the CBCA Maurice Saxby Creative Development Program and Express Media's Toolkits: Fiction, and awarded a Copyright Agency IGNITE grant.


When she isn't writing, Ashleigh enjoys serenading her cat and doing hip hop dance to country music. She is a Friends junkie and is perpetually unsure if breaks are acceptable. She lives with her girlfriend and her fur-babies, Bean and Lentil, and periodically gets out of her comfy pants to explore distant corners of the globe...or to go on the hunt for chocolate.




Flash Fiction

Night Parrot Press (anthology), TBA


Flash Fiction

Lite Lit One (Twenty Nineteen #1), 2018

Ain't Love Grandad


The Big Issue (#566), 2018

A Father's Choice


OUTinPerth, 2017

Four and Counting


Tenderfoot, 2010


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